The key to change is when we are most uncomfortable within our circumstances. The key to growth is change. This cannot be achieved without challenge. Challenge is achieved through change. It’s like a wretched triangle. Wretched; yet utterly necessary. 

If we cannot grow, we cannot understand. Without understanding, we are ignorant. And yes, ignorance can most certainly be bliss- until an unexpected happening is hurled towards us and we cannot understand it because we have never tried to acknowledge its existence before. 

However, one does not need to trawl through the muddy circumstances of each problem we may find in life in order to find this apparent necessary clarity. We can experience one great heartache that awakens our existence into a painful sense of being, and this can be enough to shake us into a state of knowing. What is this ‘knowing’? It is a greater understanding of humanity: humanity, being namely – humans. How we operate as this strange and alien race. I use the word ‘alien’, because an indescribable amount of years have passed by before the human race sprung into existence, and we actually have no true knowledge of the creatures before us that belonged to this planet. 

We are a race that defies the laws of the earth: we hurt it, we destroy it, we sabotage it, we take advantage of it with false belief that it is abundantly self-replenished. We are aliens because we do not take life into our capable hands, and make it beautiful. We do not give back to the land that sustains our very existence. I speak of growth before – growth is integral to understanding how we are actually aliens on this planet. If we truly belonged, we would not hurt it and its inhabitants, be it human/plant/animal, etc. I think it’s exceptionally sad that we, as humans, are partial to being ignorant about how we are truly supposed to exist. The earth does not have endless resources, and we are destroying it day by day, night by night. It’s just like our very own constitution. We are not made up of endless resources, yet we push ourselves to be ‘accomplished’, ‘successful’, and ‘evolved’. 

These are merely words to describe societal doctrines that we have been conditioned to believe are the correct way of living. Money is artificial. That’s the beginning and end of it. We live according to a false decree of being. We are sheep, herded by the few morons we ourselves have placed into power. We ourselves decreed them to be most capable of handling OUR lives. What basal nonsense is this? Do we really still have to live in a patriarchal, minority-dominated society? And the answer is: Yes. People are not capable of avoiding chaos. People are not capable of applying morality and principality to their own lives. We are a race of destruction; of ambition to destroy, and whence own. It’s actually laughable. 

This war for power – it defeats the entire point of life. We are not destined to fight, we are not destined to kill and destroy. We are here to GROW. We are here to ascend as spiritual beings, not debase ourselves as eternal intrinsic Neanderthals. The purpose of life has been so twisted by fallacies of ‘earthly’ goals, whilst the true earthly goals have been abandoned. Life is not meant to be so difficult: Depression and anxiety reign supreme as we exhaust ourselves running on an invisible treadmill, trying to reach the proverbial carrot. We are actually pretty pathetic. We have complicated the essence of life into ghastly untruths. 

Love. Peace. Kindness. 

Those are the values we should be dedicating our lives to. Instead, we chase after money, which as I mentioned, is not even real. We have forgotten what is real. And if we have not forgotten, then we certainly ignore it and push it aside like we do with all our other existential crises. 
All we need to do is return to the basics. Live simply; live lovingly. There is nothing wrong with morphing into a kind and peaceful being, instead of a power-hungry beast and slave to society. Society isn’t even real. What’s really real then? YOU. You are real. Do good with this fact. 


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