Innocence Lost.



As mentioned in my opening post, I have a vast array of passions that I would like to write about, and hopefully develop a symbiosis of reader and writer enjoyment.

Being a blog, the content is partial to being typically narcissistic. ‘I’ is a pronoun that will be extensively implemented within my writing, and thus I appreciate and take into consideration any thoughts or comments that you, as the reader, may have.

I seem to be laying down a foundation of disclaimers. It may be an attempt at helping you understand the processes within my mind- albeit perhaps futile. Our individual thought processes can be thoroughly explained and brilliantly articulated, but a subjective understanding of them from another being’s perspective, is inevitable.

This brings forth one of my favourite subjects in the world: Philosophy.

I can ramble on for hours about morality/hypotheses/dilemmas… It’s as though each time I reach an epiphany through my methodical process of analysing a topic, there are tiny little doors that open in my mind and shed light on new passages. New passages to make me question more; to make me treat situations differently; to help me understand the delicate and disastrous intricacies that humans are compiled of.

The philosophy that my mind is conjuring up now – as I do believe that a philosophical principle can be a construct of our own thoughts –  is the dilemma of detaching from a social media identity.

Yesterday, I deleted Facebook and Instagram.

I cannot explain, in way that would not be overboard and verbose, how absolutely liberated I feel. It is as though every socially-acceptable mask that I had carefully curated, developed, and maintained, fell away and I became my authentic self.

I am crazy; I am wild; I am free.

The person/people we choose to be on social media, is a terrifying conglomeration of elements. Whilst we think we are being ‘brave’ by baring our vulnerability to the world, we are sitting back and frantically stroking our fragile egos. EGO. The destroyer of all that is pure. Narcissism reigns supreme as we scramble to make ourselves noticed; claw through the masses with a fervor – just so that someone will acknowledge our pained existence. So that someone will validate our purpose for being on earth. This ‘purpose’ is, of course, brutally twisted by the societal standards set by some invisible board of members that can’t even tell the difference between gouda and cheddar. “Tis important to know your cheeses.

Meanwhile, we sit wrought with anxiety about how many likes our selfie got… Questions fray the edges of what little is left of our sanity: am I pretty/funny/smart/caring enough? If I repost this meme, or this picture of me with ‘friends’, will I be the proverbial Cool Kid? Well, no. You will be an image of your image. A mirror that is so desperately distorted by its own tragic desire to reflect as something. Something REAL. Isn’t it ironic? We strive to be actual through a virtual construct. We strive to exist, through an invisible array of elements that are visually delivered upon our eager screens. The fact that our souls are dusty and dehydrated, is irrelevant. The fact that we dismiss our true purpose within life- of which I believe is relevant to all of mankind, and of which I will return to at another point- is completely dismissed, as long we feel that we are featuring in someone else’s mind. Of course, we get greedy, and we want to be on everyone’s minds. So we adapt; we play with the virtual construct of ourselves like a kid with putty. Moulding and shaping ourselves into the perfect vision we have of ourselves in our own mislead minds. And after all that’s said and shown within these realms of manufactured reality, we are left to shiver as shell-less, former versions of our true selves. Because at the end of the day, we are intrinsically alone.

And with good reason.

It’s innocence lost.

We were born into societal decree. Did we ask to be who we are? Or were we conditioned to be this way? Do we even know ‘what way’ we would truly like to be? Do we even fuckin’ know anything?

There is one prime notion of reality that always stands true: we know nothing about everything, and everything about nothing. That which matters; that which feeds our souls and fuels our metamorphosis process to transform into versions of ourselves that actually have gravity- those matters lie within a pool of our ignorance. The superficial BS that surrounds us and hogs and fogs our brains- we are absolute experts on that.

We cannot be productive human beings until we release ego. Until we surrender to the tribal principles that the cells in our DNA are comprised of. I’m not insinuating that we should nullify how much we have achieved as humans- medical advances, compassion for humanity, etc.- but I am suggesting that the weight of what’s more important, is more important.

That topic, however, is a passage that I will explore at some other point.

For now, it is imperative for me to have helped you grasp the essence of what I’m saying: Socially constructed masks deprive us of the elements that will serve to be beneficial in the course of following our ‘true path’. Yes, I do combine esoterica with philosophy, and so yes, some people may not agree with what I am saying (a case of: are you picking up what I’m putting down?). However, I appreciate and admire this ability to differentiate your own thoughts, from what might just be the cleverly worded manipulations of an anonymous person behind a screen.

But know this: What is true and real in my mind, is true and real in my reality. You can do the same. Manifest your actuality. But don’t let yourself be fooled by the ugly disguise that social media wears; a disguise of letting you be the ‘real you’, meanwhile, you are another leg of consumable mutton, caught up in a spiral of control and ownership.

Be young; be wild; be free.




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